Bare Metal Projects for ARC Processors

Bare Metal Projects

GNU/ELF32 Toolchain

Prebuilt GNU/ELF32 Toolchain for ARC® Processors. Includes support for both ARCv1 and ARCv2 processors. Separate prebuilt binaries are provided for little and big endian systems, for linux development hosts. Prebuilt toolchains for use on Windows are included as part of GNU IDE for ARC packages (available from links below).

embARC Board Support Package (BSP)

The embARC Board support Package (BSP) for DesignWare® ARC® EM Starter Kit (EMSK) is a software distribution aimed at facilitating the development and evaluation of embedded systems based on ARCv2 processors. It is designed to provide a minimal board support package for ARC EMSK users by defining consistent and simple software interfaces to the processors and onboard devices.

G722 Codec

G722 Codec with support for ARC architecture.