Count Number of Elements

Function counts the number of elements in a tensor starting from the provided dimension number (dimension numbering starts from 0):

\[num\_ of\_ elements = shape\lbrack start\_ dim\rbrack\ *shape\lbrack start\_ dim + 1\rbrack*\ldots*shape\lbrack last\_ dim\rbrack\]


  • \(num\_ of\_ elements\) - number of accounting elements
  • \(shape\) - shape of tensor
  • \(start\_ dim\) – start dimension for counting
  • \(last\_ dim\) - last dimension of tensor (tensor rank-1)

This function calculates total number of elements in case start_dim = 0. Function returns 0 if conditions listed in the following API are violated.

Kernel Interface


uint32_t mli_hlp_count_elem_num(
    mli_tensor *in,
    uint32_t start_dim


Kernel Interface Parameters
Parameters Description
in [IN] Pointer to input tensor
start_dim [IN] Start dimension for counting

Returns - num_of_elements

Conditions for Applying the Function

  • Input must contain valid rank (less then MLI_MAX_RANK).
  • start_dim must be less than or equal to input rank.