Error Codes

Functions return value of mli_status enumeration type which is declared in include/mli_types.h. By default, functions do not validate inputs and typically return only MLI_STATUS_OK.

To turn on the checking logic, ensure that you build the MLI library with along with the required debug mode as described in section Function Parameters Examination and Debug (MLI_DEBUG_MODE). This might slightly affect the performance and code size of the library.

mli_status Values Description contains list of status code with description.

mli_status Values Description
Value Field Description
MLI_STATUS_OK No error occurred
MLI_STATUS_BAD_TENSOR Invalid tensor is passed to the function
MLI_STATUS_SHAPE_MISMATCH Shape of tensors are not compatible for the function
MLI_STATUS_BAD_FUNC_CFG Invalid configuration structure is passed
MLI_STATUS_NOT_ENGH_MEM Capacity of output tensor is not enough for function result
MLI_STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED Function is not yet implemented, or inputs combination is not supported
MLI_STATUS_SPEC_PARAM_MISMATCH Function parameters do not match the one specified in the specialized function