Adding a New BoardΒΆ

This section describes the process to add a new board named myboard in embARC OSP.

1. Create a sub-folder under board folder and named myboard. Create two new files and myboard.h in this folder.

  1. Create necessary sub-folders and files under myboard. The BSP for myboard is made up of these sub-folders and files. There are 3 folders required, common, config and drivers.

    • common: contains the common routines for myboard. The board_init function and board_timer_xxx functions should also be implemented in this folder.

    • configs: contains board configuration information, including

      • target_memory.h file containing memory information

      • *.tcf file containing information about the arc configuration, compiler options, etc.

      • myboard_hardware.h file containing necessary hardware definitions, e.g., peripheral address, interrupt number assignments, etc.

      • *.mk files, to be included in with required build system information.

      • any other required files

    • drivers: contains on-board driver implementations for myboard board

  2. Modify Add necessary information in, such as source folders, include folders, object output folders and make rules. The build system will automatically compile all the source files (.c, .s) in the added folders and finally create a library named libmyboard.a.

  3. Modify the myboard.h and add it into board.h. myboard.h is the only place where board specific information should be exposed, e.g., function declaration, hardware definitions, macros.


For details, please refer to other existing board support folders such as <embARC>/board/emsk for reference.