The embARC OSP platform comes with a large collection of examples using OS, middleware and peripherals supported in embARC OSP. These examples provide a useful reference and starting point for embARC developers for their own applications. The .elf files of the following examples can be loaded through JTAG, or the .bin files through SD card by secondary bootloader.

Examples in embARC OSP
Example Directory Example Document Link
example/baremetal/arc_feature/cache ARC Cache Example
example/baremetal/arc_feature/timer_interrupt ARC Timer Interrupt Example
example/baremetal/arc_feature/udma ARC uDMA Example
example/baremetal/ble_hm1x BLE Module: HM1X
example/baremetal/blinky Blinky
example/baremetal/bootloader Simple Bootloader
example/baremetal/cxx CPP Build
example/baremetal/dma_spiflash uDMA Flash Driver
example/baremetal/imu_mpu9250 MPU9250 Test
example/baremetal/graphic_u8glib Graphic u8glib Example
example/baremetal/openthread/cli OpenThread CLI
example/baremetal/openthread/ncp OpenThread NCP
example/freertos/esp8266_wifi ESP8266 WiFi Module
example/freertos/iot/coap/coap_server FreeRTOS IoT CoAP Server
example/freertos/iot/lwm2m/lwm2m_client FreeRTOS IoT LwM2M Client
example/freertos/iot/lwm2m/lwm2m_server FreeRTOS IoT LwM2M Server
example/freertos/kernel FreeRTOS Kernel
example/freertos/kernel_secure FreeRTOS Kernel Secure
example/freertos/net/httpserver FreeRTOS Net HTTP Server
example/freertos/net/ntshell FreeRTOS Net NT-Shell
example/baremetal/secureshield/secret_normal SecureShield Secret Normal
example/baremetal/secureshield/secret_secure SecureShield Secret Secure
example/baremetal/secureshield/secret_secure_sid SecureShield Secret Secure SID
example/baremetal/secureshield/test_case SecureShield Test Case
example/freertos/sec/mbedtls/dtls/client FreeRTOS mbed TLS Example: DTLS Client
example/freertos/sec/mbedtls/dtls/server FreeRTOS mbed TLS Example: DTLS Server
example/freertos/sec/mbedtls/ssl/client2 FreeRTOS mbed SSL Example: SSL Client
example/freertos/sec/mbedtls/ssl/server2 FreeRTOS mbed SSL Example: SSL Server

The repository embARC Applications contains various applications based on embARC OSP, developed by the embARC team and community.

Application Note

The following application notes provide step-by-step instructions on a broad range of topics to familiarize you with the use of embARC OSP.


Confirm that the version of embARC OSP and board is the correct one as noted in the application note documents