Graphic u8glib Example


This example is a graphic test based on OLED ssd1306 and U8glib.

Detailed Description

  • Extra Required Tools


  • Extra Required Peripherals

    PMOD OLED based on SSD1306 128x64 monochrome

  • Design Concept

    It demonstrates how to use U8glib functions of drawing box, line and ASCII characters. Dynamic graphics are shown in SSD1306. And display width & height information is shown in Tera Term

  • Usage Manual

    Outputs pitch, roll, yaw get from MPU9250 DMP to the console.

  • Extra Comments


Building and Running

The commands to run this example are as follows:

$ cd <embarc_root>/example/baremetal/graphic_u8glib
$ make BOARD=emsk BD_VER=22 CUR_CORE=arcem7d TOOLCHAIN=gnu run


As IoTDK’s pmod interface don’t support I2C, please use the i2c pins of arduino interface mikro bus to connect pmod OLED.