C Library Support

Provides support for file-related APIs using FatFs, printf() support using a UART, and time-related APIs. For details, please refer to the source code in library/clib. The C library support implemented in embARC OSP is compatible with both the GNU toolchain for ARC Processors and the MetaWare Development Toolkit C library implementations (each included in their respective toolchain package). More information on each C library is included below.

ARC GNU Newlib

Newlib is a C standard library implementation intended for use on embedded systems. It is a conglomeration of several library parts, all under free software licenses that make them easily usable on embedded products.

It was created by Cygnus Support as part of building the first GNU cross- development toolchains. It is now maintained by Red Hat developers Jeff Johnston and Corinna Vinschen, and is used in most commercial and non- commercial GCC ports for non-Linux embedded systems.

MetaWare C Run-Time Library

The MetaWare C Run-Time Library is a collection of functions, macros, and type declarations organized into header files according to ANSI Standard C Library areas, such as mathematics and string handling. The MetaWare C Run-Time Library is an ANSI Standard C library with extensions. The macros, function names and parameters, and types are those dictated by the ANSI C Standard. The library conforms to the ANSI C Standard (ANSI document X3J11/90-014); the single-precision math functions conform to the ISO/ANSI C99 Standard. The library also provides additional functions not described in the ANSI C Standard.