GCC 7.1 is now released

May 2, 2017

Release 7.1 of GCC has now been released upstream at gnu.gcc.org. Support for all ARC processors is now available from upstream GCC for users who want to be on the bleeding edge.

The following features were added for the ARC architecture:

  • Added support for ARC HS and ARC EM processors
  • Added support for ARC EM variation found in Intel QuarkSE SoCs
  • Added support for NPS400 ARC700 based CPUs
  • Thread Local Storage is now supported by ARC CPUs
  • Fixed errors for ARC600 when using 32×16 multiplier option
  • Fixed PIE for ARC CPUs
  • New CPU templates are supported via multilib

Read the full GCC 7.1 release notes here.