IoT Platform and RTOS Projects for ARC Processors

IoT Platforms for ARC Processors

embARC Open Software Platform (OSP)

The embARC Open Software Platform (OSP) is an open source software distribution for embedded applications on ARC® Processors. The embARC OSP distribution is managed by Synopsys for the community and all contributions are welcomed (requires CLA).

Zephyr Project

The Zephyr™ Project, is a Linux Foundation hosted Collaboration Project, an open source collaborative effort uniting leaders from across the industry to build a best-in-breed small, scalable, real-time operating system (RTOS) optimized for resource constrained devices, across multiple architectures.


OpenThread is a Thread Certified Component an open-source implementation of the Thread networking protocol. Nest has released OpenThread to make the technology used in Nest products more broadly available to developers to accelerate the development of products for the connected home.


RTOS Projects for ARC Processors


Developed in partnership with the world's leading chip companies over a 12 year period, FreeRTOS is the market leading real time operating system (or RTOS), and the de-facto standard solution for microcontrollers and small microprocessors. Support for FreeRTOS on ARC Processors is provided under the embARC OSP project.

LiteOS kernel

Huawei LiteOS is an IoT-oriented software platform that integrates an IoT operating system and middleware. It is lightweight, with a kernel as small as 10 KB, and energy efficient.

Contiki OS

Contiki is an open source operating system for the Internet of Things. Contiki connects tiny low-cost, low-power microcontrollers to the Internet. Support for Contiki OS on ARC Processors is provided under the embARC OSP project.


RIOT is a free, open source operating system developed by a grassroots community gathering companies, academia, and hobbyists, distributed all around the world. RIOT implements all relevant open standards supporting an Internet of Things that is connected, secure, durable, and privacy-friendly. A port to the ARC EM Processor has been contributed by the community.

Toppers ASP

TOPPERS(Toyohashi OPen Platform for Embedded Real-time Systems)Project, based on ITRON, is aimed at base software for use in embedded systems. The TOPPERS/ASP kernel is the foundation for the new generation of TOPPERS real-time kernels that follow the TOPPERS new generation kernel specification. ASP (Advanced Standard Profile) has been developed by extending and improving TOPPERS/JSP, a real-time kernel based on the standard profile of μITRON4.0. Support for the ARC architecture is available below.