Development Tools

GNU/ELF32 Toolchain

Prebuilt GNU/ELF32 Toolchain for ARC® Processors. Includes support for both ARCv1 and ARCv2 processors. Separate prebuilt binaries are provided for little and big endian systems, for Linux development hosts. Prebuilt toolchains for use on Windows are included as part of GNU IDE for ARC packages (available from links below).

GNU/Linux Toolchain

GNU Toolchain for Embedded Linux on ARC® Processors. Includes support for both ARCv1 (ARC750, ARC770) and ARCv2 architectures (ARC HS38, ARC HS38x2 and ARC HS38x4). Source code available from upstream Linux kernel repositories at

MetaWare Development Tools

The embARC Software can be used with the commercial MetaWare Development Toolkit from Synopsys. MetaWare Development Toolkit The DesignWare® ARC®  MetaWare Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a state-of-the-art Eclipse-based solution that enables users to seamlessly integrate the creation, management and debugging of embedded applications in a single cockpit. The ARC MetaWare […]