embARC Projects

embARC Machine Learning Inference (MLI) Library

The embARC Machine Learning Inference (embARC MLI) library consists of software functions optimized for DSP-enhanced ARC EMxD and ARC HS4xD processors. The primary purpose of this library is to enable developers to efficiently implement and/or port data processing algorithms based on machine learning principles for ARC Processors. The embARC MLI […]

embARC Open Software Platform (OSP)

The embARC Open Software Platform (OSP) is an open source software distribution for embedded applications on ARC® Processors. The embarc OSP distribution is managed by Synopsys for the community and all contributions are welcomed (requires CLA). It is designed to provide a unified platform for DesignWare® ARC® processors users by […]

embARC Board Support Package (BSP)

The embARC Board Support Package (BSP) for DesignWare® ARC® EM Starter Kit (EMSK) is a software distribution aimed at facilitating the development and evaluation of embedded systems based on ARCv2 processors. Unlike the embARC OSP, which is a full-featured distribution for ARC embedded systems, the embARC BSP is designed to […]

embARC Audio Codecs Library for ARC Processors

The embARC Audio Codecs Library is a collection of voice audio codecs implemented in software for ARC EMxD and HSxD processors. An audio codec is a hardware device or computer program capable of encoding or decoding a digital audio signal including music and human speech. In software terms, an audio […]