Zephyr 2.5.0 Released

February 15, 2021

Zephyr Project announced the release of Zephyr RTOS version 2.5.0, with numerous major enhancements including Thread Local Storage (TLS).  Complete details can be found in the announcement: https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/zephyr/releases/tag/zephyr-v2.5.0

Enhanced support for the ARC architecture and ARC boards includes:

  • ARC
    • Fixed execution on ARC HS with one interrupt bank and fast interrupts (FIRQ) enabled
    • Hardened SMP support
    • Improved mdb west runner to support simulation on SMP nSIM-based configurations
    • Improved mdb west runner to support nSIM-based configurations execution on real HW (FPGA-based)
    • Added documentation page with Zephyr support status on ARC processor
    • Added coverage support for nSIM-based configurations
    • Switched to upstream OpenOCD for ARC
    • Various minor fixes/improvements for ARC MWDT toolchain infrastructure
  • Changes for ARC boards:
    • Added icount support for ARC QEMU boards
    • Added MWDT compiler options for HSDK board
    • Added missing taps into JTAG chain for the dual-core configuration of the HSDK board