Zephyr 3.3.0 Released

February 18, 2023

Zephyr Project announced the release of Zephyr RTOS version 3.3.0. Complete details can be found in the announcement: https://docs.zephyrproject.org/3.3.0/releases/release-notes-3.3.html

This release includes numerous enhancements supporting ARC processors

  • Fixed & reworked interrupt management (enabling / disabling) for the SMP systems
  • Added TLS (thread-local storage) for ARC MWDT toolchain
  • Fixed & rework irq_offload implementation
  • Fixed multiple logging & cbprintf issues for ARCv3 64bit
  • Added XIP support with MWDT toolchain
  • Improved DSP support, add DSP and AGU context save / restore
  • Added XY memory support for ARC DSP targets
  • Added architectures-specific DSP tests
  • Added additional compile-time checks for unsupported configuration: ARC_FIRQ + ARC_HAS_SECURE
  • Added support for using __auto_type type for ARC MWDT toolchain
  • Added support for using _Generic and __fallthrough keywords for ARC MWDT toolchain
  • Bumped minimal required ARC MWDT version to 2022.09
  • Fixed & reworked inclusion of C/C++ headers for ARC MWDT toolchain which cased build issue with C++