ARC AXS103 Software Development Platform

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The ARC AXS103 Software Development Platform includes the AXC003 CPU Card and supports the ARC HS34, HS36 and HS38 processors. It allows processor operation at the following speeds:

  • ARC HS34/HS36 – 100 MHz
  • ARC HS38x2 (dual core) – 100 MHz

The ARC AXC003 CPU card contains 256 kByte of on-chip SRAM and features 1 GByte of DDR3-SDRAM. The software delivered as part of the ARC AXC003 CPU Card includes pre-built SMP Linux image (plus the U-boot bootloader) and the MQX RTOS in binary format. Bare metal and MQX RTOS device driver source code for a subset of the peripherals and example applications. Code development is made easy using the MetaWare Development Toolkit, MetaWare Lite tools or the ARC GNU Tool Chain.