MetaWare Development Tools

The embARC Software can be used with the commercial MetaWare Development Toolkit from Synopsys.

MetaWare Development Toolkit

The DesignWare® ARC®  MetaWare Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a state-of-the-art Eclipse-based solution that enables users to seamlessly integrate the creation, management and debugging of embedded applications in a single cockpit. The ARC MetaWare Compiler and Debugger are fully integrated in this industry-standard, open IDE, where users have the ability to incorporate additional Eclipse-compatible tools from third parties, or add tools of their own design. The Toolkit also includes the  DesignWare ARC nSIM Instruction Set Simulator.

The MetaWare Development Toolkit is available from Synopsys. More information can be obtained here.

MetaWare Lite

MetaWare Lite is a functioning version of the MetaWare Development Toolkit, but has a number of restrictions, including a code-size limit of 32 Kilobytes and no runtime library sources. It is available for Microsoft Windows only.

Register here to download MetaWare Lite.